Employee Grievance

Within business, from time to time, issues will arise at your organisation. In most cases, these issues can be resolved quickly and informally however, there are times when a more formal approach is necessary – here, our help may make all the difference.

Grievance management is a necessary and normal element of employment relations. Our consultants provide a grievance management service where the problem is swiftly reviewed, professionally investigated and managed, ensuring good practice and expert handling and record keeping for legal compliance. They will meet with the employer to agree the terms of reference, and move quickly into responding to the issue at hand, including conducting the investigation and chairing the grievance hearing. 

We have a strong track record in handling more complex and senior level issues. The process will be managed end to end within the appropriate timeframes, always mindful of minimizing impact on the daily organisational operation. Whatever the outcome, valuable recommendations are always shared with you as the employer.